Orange County Discount Real Estate Listing Service

List Your Home for 1% Using a Discount Realtor in Orange County

Our real estate agents in Orange County California offer a full range of real estate services. From full service Realtors that offer the traditional commissions which amounts to 5-6% between the listing agent and the buyer’s agent. Many Orange County homeowners are unaware that “All real estate commissions are negotiable.” For many savvy homeowners looking to sell their property, a discount Realty brokerage is more appealing because they charge only 1% to list your home in Orange County CA. Paying a 1% commission instead of the standard 2.5% to 3% commission, should save thousands of dollars. When you hire one of these Orange County Realtors to help sell your home, you will be able to discuss the full range of options for selling a home for 1%. Just because they offer to list of house for sale for 1% in Orange County does not mean you get a discounted service, our real estate partners that offer a reduced commission or discounted listing does not mean you receive a lack of service. Our Realtor partner’s goal is to sell your home for the most money and only charge 1%.

1% Listing Orange County
If you choose to work with a discount real estate listing service in Orange County and are looking to buy a house, the discount real estate agent will also offer a rebate from the commission on the house you are looking to buy. The Orange County discount real estate broker will provide all the necessary signs and post photos/videos online to help to promote the sale of your home. Then once you have saved thousands on the sale of your home you can use the same discount real estate agent to buy a house a receive money back from that transaction as well. Find out more about our agents that offer a 1 percent listing in Orange County or to use one of our Realtor partners that offer a discount real estate commission to buy a home call the number on our contact us page. Have an Orange County real estate agent who is an expert in the local market assist you with buying or selling your next home.



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