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Fountain Valley: A Remarkable Community in Orange County

Have the best real estate agent Fountain Valley has to offer supply you with all the information you need about the city and its data. Here are some of the main stats and figures about the city. Fountain Valley is a city found in Orange County, California. Considered as a middle-class residential area, the city offers a classic bedroom community appeal. As per 2010 census, Fountain Valley’s population reached 55,313.


Numerous cities bound Fountain Valley like Santa Ana found on the northeast and Costa Mesa, which is on the southeast. The San Diego Freeway or Interstate 405 bisects the Orange County city diagonally on the northeast and the southeast. Bodies of water also surround the city with the Santa Ana River at the eastern border and the Huntington Beach at the western and southern areas. Northbound is the location of Westminster and Garden Grove.


The city’s elevation stands lower compared to surrounding cities at around 20 feet above sea level. The southwest part of the city shows noticeable signs of its elevation as the streets possess steep grades as they bound towards the Huntington Beach.


The 2000 census of the city indicated 54,978 people with 14,220 of them living in the city. It tallied 18,162 households in the same census counts and population density of 6,167.8 residents per square mile. Racial makeup includes primarily 64.02% Caucasian, 1.11% African American, 0.46% Alaskan Native, 10.68% Hispanic, 0.40% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, 25.76% Asian, and the remaining from other races.


Fountain Valley was known as Talbert or Gospel Swamps to its residents after its incorporation in 1957. Fountain Valley is used in reference to the high water table in the city during the time of its new name’s conception. Aside from the high water table, the number of artesian wells also contributed to selecting its current name. History cited that early settlers built drainage canals to make the land viable for agriculture. Up until 1960s, agriculture has been the dominant economic source of the city before the boom of large housing tract construction.

The Tongva people first dwelled in the areas composing Fountain Valley. European settlement started after Manuel Nieto received the land set for Rancho Los Nietos, which measures around 300,000 acres of land including Fountain Valley today. Mexico gained control of the land in the process after receiving independence from Spain and from the United States as a clause under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

General City Profile

Being a middle-class community, Fountain Valley’s profile consists of numerous establishments that cater to the needs of its residents. It is the home of the Mile Square Regional Park, a recreational establishment measuring up to 640 acres with 18-hole golf courses, two lakes, picnic groves and shelters, playing fields, and scenic site with California native plants. It also has a recreation center that serves as sports hub for the community. It includes basketball courts, tennis calls, a gymnasium, and others. It is also the headquarters of Kingston Boys and Girls Club.

A community center founded in September 2005 serves the public with its 16,652 square feet senior center. Major redevelopment of this center and sports fields gives way to better public services after the redevelopment project completion in 2009.

Medical centers found in Fountain Valley include two fully-accredited main medical facilities: the Fountain Valley Regional Hospital offering 400 beds for patients and the Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center with 230 hospital beds, a clinic and a building designated for outpatient care.

The Orange County city caters to people of varying faith with its 18 churches, a mosque, and a Reform synagogue.

The city runs the Fountain Valley View, the city’s local newspaper under the operation of the Orange County Register. A public library was also established to extend services to the community.


Fountain Valley’s education system has been highlighted with its numerous educational facilities. Academic facilities serving the community include nine elementary schools, three middle schools, three high schools, a K-12 school, and two K-8 educational facility. Majority of the students in the city attend its local schools while others enrolled in other cities’ schools.

The city is also a home of Coastline Community College. Other community colleges include Golden West College, located near Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach, and Orange Coast College.

The following are the list of educational facilities in different school districts.

• Fountain Valley School District

1. Talbert Middle School
2. Kazuo Masuda Middle School, which was named after Kazuo Masuda, a World War II soldier and currently buried in Midway City, California
3. Harry C. Fulton Middle School
4. Courreges Elementary School
5. Gisler Elementary School
6. Box Elementary School
7. Tamura Elementary School
8. Moiola Elementary School (K-8)
9. Plavan Elementary School
10. Newland Elementary School

• Huntington Beach Union High School District Schools

1. Fountain Valley High School
2. Valley Vista High School

• Garden Grove Unified School District

1. Los Amigos High School
2. Allen Elementary School, a Blue Ribbon Award recipient
3. Monroe Elementary School
4. Northcutt Elementary School

• Ocean View Middle School District Middle Schools

1. Vista View Middle School

• Private Schools

1. Shoreline Christian School (K-8)

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