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Agent Name Dottie Garbisch

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A Glimpse of Huntington Beach, Orange County

Have the best real estate agent Huntington Beach has to offer supply you with all the information you need about the city and its data. Here are some of the main stats and figures about the city. Huntington Beach is located in Orange County, Southern California. The seaside city was named in honor of Henry E. Huntington, an American businessman. As of the ‘census’ in 2010, it was a home to 189,992 residents, helping it clinch the title of being the biggest city in its county. It was also estimated to have a population of 189,707 people by 2012.

The City 

Huntington Beach has ‘Seal Beach’ on the northwest, the ‘Pacific Ocean’ on the southwest, Newport Beach on the southeast, ‘Costa Mesa‘ on the east, ‘Fountain Valley’ on the ‘northeast’ and ‘Westminster‘ on the north.

It is notable for having a long stretch of sandy beach (around 9.5 miles long), surfing spots, mild climate, and beach-loving people. Surfers love this beach, also called H.B., because of its natural waves created by the open ocean swells that in turn, caused edge-diffraction. These swells are formed in Catalina, a nearby island, but mainly come from the North Pacific during winter. As they combine with the forces caused by the Southern Hemisphere hurricanes and storms during summer, these brought about waves ideal for surfing that last all year long. That is why ‘Huntington Beach’ is also called the “surf city” in the US.

The History

The first settlers in Huntington Beach were the Tongya people. The first European settler could be Manuel Nieto, a Spanish solider, who found his way to the area after receiving a land grant from the Spanish government in 1784. It was 300,000 acres and was called Rancho Los Nietos. He was awarded such for his military service. His move to Southern California was also a move to encourage other settlers to follow. But some of Nieto’s land was taken back from him due to a disagreement with the Mission San Gabriel in 1790. Despite this, he still held onto thousands of acres of land from Whittier to the southern side of the Pacific Ocean from the Los Angeles River to the ‘Santa Ana’ River.

The city of ‘Huntington Beach’ was established in February 17, 1909 when Ed Manning was mayor. It was first developed by the ‘Huntington Beach Company’, which used to operate under the names of the West Coast Land and Water Company. The real estate developer and owner was Henry Huntington. Until now, the company still owns a lot of lands and mineral rights in the city.

The district had to deal with a land-related issue when an encyclopedia company chose to distribute parcels of land for free. Interested buyers can buy land for only $126. But a turn of event was about to happen when the buyers not only got their hands on a parcel of land but a rick supply of oil as well. Old wells are often empty and the price of land has risen so much, but there are still oil pumps all over the city.

The Occupation and Education 

The main source of livelihood in Huntington Beach was agriculture as its people farm sugar beets and celery. The biggest employer then was Holly Sugar, which runs a large processing plant that was eventually developed into an oil refinery.

The ‘Huntington Beach’ High School, the first one of its kind in the city, was constructed in 1906 on Main Street. The Oilers, the school team, was named in honor of the oil resource in the city.

But being a part of the ‘Huntington Beach’ Union High School District, the school is associated with other district schools such as the ‘Edison High School’, ‘Fountain Valley’ High School, Marina High School, Westminster High School, and ‘Ocean View’ High School.

For those who want to go to alternative school, the Coast High School, which promotes independent study, and the ‘Valley Vista’ High School are available.

The ‘Huntington Beach’ High School marked a milestone, its 100th anniversary, in 2006.

For families with small kids, there are two choices in the elementary school districts. The first one is the Huntington Beach City that has 9 schools. The second one is the Ocean View that has 15 schools. But for those who can’t be catered to by these schools, the Fountain Valley School District.

A renowned blue ribbon school is also hosted in the Huntington Beach, called The Pegasus School.

For those who want to send their kids to a private independent school, the Brethren Christian Junior/Senior School, is also available.

Kindergarten kids can also take their classes at the Grace Lutheran school, the only private K-8 school in Huntington Beach.

The city was also home to Meadowlark Airport, which operated from the 1940s until 1989.

The Population 

Based on the 2010 United States Census, there were 189,992 residents in Huntington Beach. This means that the population density at that time was 5,959.1 people per square mile.

In profiling the race of the residents, the census concluded that there are 145,661 Whites, 1,813 African Americans, 992 Native Americans, 21,070 Asians, 635 Pacific Islanders, 11,193 residents from other races, and 8,628 residents descended from two or more races. There were also 32,411 Hispanics or Latinos. Of the Whites, 67.2% are Non-Hispanic, which showed a reduction in their population from the 90.8% from the 1970 census.

In profiling the residents based on their homes, it was found out that 189,102 residents were members of households, 487 were in non-institutionalized group quarters, and 403 were in institutionalized quarters.

The Events 

Just by the name of the place itself, it is expected to have major events held on the beach, especially during summer. The city hosts a ‘US Open’ of Surfing, particularly in the southern part of the pier. It was also one of the stops during the AVP beach volleyball tour. It served as a host to the swim and run (biathlon) event hosted by the ‘Huntington State Beach’ Lifeguards and Bolsa Chica in July at dawn. The starting line was at the ‘Santa Ana’ River Jetties, while the finish line was on ‘Warner Avenue’, ‘Bolsa Chica’ State Beach. Day camps for the ‘Huntington Beach’ Junior Lifeguard are hosted for young kids and adolescents, where they are expected to run, swim, and learn first-aid procedures.

‘Huntington Beach’ is also a favorite host of various world surfing championships every year, earning it a nickname of “Surf City.” It is even considered as the “Surfing Capital of the World” not only because of its year-long waves, but for its regular surfing events. The first surf shop in the city was opened in 1955 with the name Gordie’s Surfboards. It is owned by Gordon Duane.

The city even had its hands on the 2011 Little League World Series championship as it was earned by the city’s Ocean View Little League. The team won against Japan 2-1.

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Zip Codes for Huntington Beach 

ZIP Code 92605 –  ZIP Code 92615
ZIP Code 92646 –  ZIP Code 92647
ZIP Code 92648 –  ZIP Code 92649

Area Codes include (714) – (657)  and (562)

Huntington Beach Neighborhoods:

Beach, Beach Boulevard, Downtown, Edinger, Ellis-Golden West, Gothard, Holly-Seacliff, Huntington Beach, Huntington Harbor, McDonnell Center, Meadowlark, North Huntington Center, Northwest, Old Town, Pacific City, Pacifica, Palm-Goldenwest, Seabridge, Seacliff, Southeast, Townlot

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