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Agent Name Craig Druckrey

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City Description of Laguna Beach in Orange County California

Have the best real estate agent Laguna Beach has to offer supply you with all the information you need about the city and its data. Here are some of the main stats and figures about the city. Laguna Beach is a seashore resort situated in southern Orange County, CA, about 31 km (19 miles) south-east of Santa Ana. Well known for its moderate constant climate, magnificent beaches and inlets, and arty residents, Laguna Beach has a population of 22,723 people, according to the 2010 census findings.

Formerly a part of paleo-indians, the Tongva community and subsequently Mexico, the territory was acquired by the United States after the American-Mexican War. Laguna Beach was inhabited during the 1870’s and formally established in 1887. In 1927, it was integrated as the City of Laguna Beach. The city still remains quite protected from urban sprawl by its neighboring mountains, poor road network and a resolute greenbelt. Approximately 5.88 miles of the city’s shoreline is protected by a marine reserve and a further 1.21 miles of the shoreline is a conservation area.

Tourism has become one of the leading drivers of the local economy with more than 3 million visitors touring the city each year. The community plays host to a number of art festivals each year, including the Art-A-Fair, Sawdust Festival, The Festival of the Arts, The Pageant of the Masters, and many more.

Laguna Beach was the home of an ancient Paleo-Indian community. In the year 1933, the First early human skull fossil of a Paleo-Indian discovered in California, United States was unearthed during construction on a street known as St Ann’s Drive. Christened Laguna woman’, the fossilized skull was initially radiocarbon dating to over 17,000 BP. Nonetheless, new measurements show that it dates back to the Holocene era some 11,700 years before now. Further studies have found a number of ancient camping sites in the region.

Originally, the original inhabitants of the Laguna Beach region were the Tongva people. Aliso Creek was formerly the territorial border between Acjachemen and Gabrieleno communities or “Juanenos” as christened by the Spanish diplomats who initially found them during the 1500’s. The region of Laguna Canyon was known as Glen of the Lagoons (Cañada de las Lagunas) on a prehistoric Mexican land map. Soon after the end of the Mexican American conflict in 1848, the region of Alta California was acquired by the US. The agreement provided that the US had to honor Mexican land grants while Cho San Joaquin, along with North Laguna Beach, were given to José Antonio Andres. After an 1864 drought, José Antonio Andres agreed to sell the asset to James Irvine. Most of the Laguna Beach was part of the few places along the south California coastline that was not incorporated in the Mexican land grants.

The parcels surrounding Laguna Beach stretch from the coastline to the hills and valleys of the San Joaquin Hills. The settlements peak point, at an attitude of 307 m (1,007 ft) is Temple Hill found in the so-called Top of the World district. Thanks to its mountainous scenery and neighboring parklands, only a few roads connect the town to the rest of the coastline, with just the Coast Highway linking it to the Dana Point and Newport Beach to the south and northwest, respectively. The State Route 133 crisscrosses the hills northwards via Laguna Canyon. Some parts of the towns are found near the Aliso Canyons Regional Park.

The beautiful beaches, stony hills and rocky valleys are all known to be great sources of motivation for Plien artists, who had originally inhabited various Laguna Beach neighborhoods in the late 19th century. Mountain biking is also a popular tourist activity in the hills and is popular among both local and foreign tourists.

The recent US census found that there were 22,723 people living in the city of Laguna Beach, with 5,791 households and 10,821 homes. The population density translated to approximately 893.4 people per square kilometer (1,315.9 people/ square mile). The reports also pointed out that the 12, 923 apartments translated to an average population density of 508.1 units per square kilometer. The racial composition of the city was 90.9 percent White, 85.7 percent Non Hispanic Whites, 3.6 percent Asian, 0.8 percent African-American, 0.3 percent American Native, 1.6 percent from various other racial backgrounds and 2.9 percent from at least two racial backgrounds. The census reported that 7.3 percent of the inhabitants were Latino or Hispanic of any racial background.

Out of the total 12,923 apartments reported, 60 percent were holder-occupied while the remaining 40 percent were leased by tenants. The home vacancy rate was approximately 1.7 percent while the rental rate was roughly 7.7 percent. Approximately 64 percent of the population occupied landlord occupied apartments while about 35 percent occupied rental apartments.

The Brooks Street Surf Classic contest is the earliest ongoing surf competition on the planet. Started in the year 1955, the classic content is held during the peak conditions in the four month spell in the summer season. Only Laguna Beach locals are allowed to participate. There is also a Laguna Beach surfing school intended to help students learn about the amazing surfing industry. Their unique school curriculum was created by sea safety specialists to provide students with a better understanding of the activity and in a safe environment. Likewise, The Laguna Playhouse is said to be the earliest ongoing operating theatre on the western coastline. The playhouse offers professional theatre productions and performances through the Playhouse Theatre Program. The Irvine Bowl is a large amphitheater utilized during the pageant of master’s contest and during special festivals. The Plein Air Painting Invitational is a weeklong event held each year in October. Some of the finest painters in America are invited to partake in the various activities.

Public education in the City of Laguna Beach is managed by the Laguna Beach Unified School District, which includes two elementary institutions (Top of the World Elementary School and El Morro Elementary School), one middle institution (Thurston Middle School) and one secondary school institution (The Laguna Beach High School). St Catherine of Siena Parish School is the only private elementary school in Laguna Beach and is managed by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange County.

The Laguna College of Art & Design is a private arts college situated in Laguna Canyon. Established in the year 1961, this college offers a variety of fine courses including Bachelor’s Degrees in Game Art, Graphic Design, Animation, Illustration, Drawing and Painting as well as Masters Degrees in Painting & Drawing. In the year 2013, about 450 students were enrolled in various programs.

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