Agent Name Craig Druckrey

Agent Name Craig Druckrey

Real Estate Agent Laguna Hills California

Our real estate agent in Laguna Hills California our agent is an expert in the local market. Work with the top Realtor in Laguna Hills that has a proven track record.

Real Estate Agent Laguna Hills

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Why Living in Laguna Hills is Worth It

Have the best real estate agent Laguna Hills has to offer supply you with all the information you need about the city and its data. Here are some of the main stats and figures about the city. Laguna Hills is one of the most economically rich cities in Orange County. It has total land areas of 6.7 square miles wherein 0.025 square miles of it is water. This city is flourished with amazing beaches, scenic parks and fun recreational places. Above all, it is considered the most fun city in Orange County due to its shopping convenience and great dining experience. Find out why Laguna Hills may be your perfect city to permanently reside by looking at the facts below.
Rich History

Laguna Hills had a fair share of interesting history. Granted to Don Juan Avila during the Rancho era, this city developed from a private land to what it is today. It was in 1821 when Mexico’s independence from Spain was granted, earning those people with good ties while the authorities own a vast land for cattle grazing. These lands were called Rancho San Joaquin, Rancho Niguel and Rancho Lomas de Santiago. The Rancho Niguel was eventually called Laguna Hills when Louis Moulton acquired the land in 1894, and was subdivided in 1960 – in which Laguna Hills was a part of the divisions.

Over time, Laguna Hills developed into a city when the residents made efforts to establish it as a city. Finally, it became a city in December 1991. It was in 2004 when the Laguna Hill City Hall was moved to 24035 El Toro Road which changed the whole prospective of city as it began offering more commercial options to establish businesses. This provided a good sum of income for the city.

Good Record of Demographics

The city’s financial standing can be seen with its demographics. According to 2010 census, Laguna Hills has a total population of 30,344. The population density is recorded at 4,532 per square miles. Due to its promising economic status, more and more people began to look for residential properties in the city. This explains why the racial make-up is composed of different races. The city has 72.7% of Whites, 61.7% of Non-Hispanic Whites, 1.4% of African American, 12.6% of Asian, 0.3% of Native American and 0.2% of Pacific Islander. The remaining percentage is from other races.

Also, the census reports that most residents (98.8%) live in households, 0.8% lives in non-institutionalized quarters and 0.4% live in institutionalized ones. There is a total of 10,469 households where every resident resides in different lifestyle. 34.7% have children under 18 years old while 60% were married couples living together. There are small numbers of female house owners living without their husband (9.4%) and males house owners with no wife (4.5%). Also, 4.3% of the residents live with unmarried opposite-sex partners and 1.0% lives with the same-sex partners. A good percentage of 19.5% were individuals living alone and 7.9% have someone with 65 years old and older.

Fun Activities and Recreational Places

Laguna Hills boasts of having a friendly environment and wonderful recreational places. The residents and visitors often visit the Actors Workshop to learn the basics of movie, theater and the arts. For stress-relieving options, the StressBusters Lifestyle Day Spa is one of the most favorite spots. No visitor should miss the Big Air Trampoline Park, EcoSystem Aquarium, Pacific Marine Mammal Center and the OC Wildlife & Beach Tour Incorporated.

For dining and shopping, Laguna Hills definitely has something to offer. Their top-rated restaurant, Roman Cucina, serves authentic Italian dishes that will delight everyone’s taste buds. For a heavy meal of seafood, the King’s Fish House is worth trying. It serves flavorful seafood dishes to satisfy the hungry tummy. For shopping pleasure, the Laguna Hills Mall is just around the corner. Also, the famous Sears, JCPenney and Nordstrom are located in the city. Every fun thing is available in Laguna Hills and that is why it is said to be the most fun city in Orange County.

Competent Educational Facilities

The city is rich with high-performing educational facilities. It is served by the Saddleback Valley Unified District School were students get a high quality of education. There are several elementary schools in the city including Valencia Elementary school and Lomarena Elementary School. For middle schools, the Los Alisos Intermediate School and the La Paz Intermediate School are on top of the list. Laguna Hills has its own School, the Laguna Hills High School which is the smallest school built in 1978 with less than 1,700 students.

With all the amazing facilities, no resident could ever ask for more. That is why this city is worth to be considered. Never settle for anything less, visit Laguna Hills and see the beauty and the benefits it can offer you.

Our real estate agent Laguna Hills CA webpage is designed to provide information about the city. If you are looking to buy or sell a home, have the top Realtor in Laguna Hills assist you. Our real estate agents are experts in the local market, and know Laguna Hills inside and out. Real estate agents are not all the same; work with an agent with a proven track record. Our real estate agents combine their knowledge with mortgage lenders in Orange County to further assist in the home buying process. To find out more about our Laguna Hills real estate agent, please contact the agent listed above.

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