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City Information About Laguna Niguel in Orange County, California

Have the best real estate agent Laguna Niguel has to offer supply you with all the information you need about the city and its data. Here are some of the main stats and figures about the city.The city of Laguna Niguel is a community that was planned from it’s inception (also known as a master planned community, it was built on a previously undeveloped area specifically with the purpose of becoming a large, prosperous community). It is located on the coast, in and around the San Joaquin Hills in California, in the southern part of Orange County.
The name of this community comes from the Spanish word for “lagoon” , “Laguna” and from the name of an Indian village that was located near Aliso Creek, “Nigueli”. The population of this settlement has increased steadily since the beginning. The increase from 2000 to 2010 was about 1.9%, so from 61.891 population at the 2000 census, at the 2010 census it reached 62.979.

The natural borders of this settlement are, on the east side, separating it from San Juan Capistrano, a large ridge running along Trabuco Creek. The Laguna Niguel is separated on the south, from the Pacific Ocean, by the city of Dana Point. To the north it’s bordered by the Laguna Hills and also, by Mission Viejo and the Laguna Beach.

The current city is located on the land offered by Juan Avila, the Rancho Niguel. He owned the land up until 1865 when all of his cattle was killed by a huge drought. The Rancho Niguel and all the adjacent land was bought by the owner of Moulton Company, Lewis Moulton. The land was bought from the farmers that didn’t managed to recover from the severe drought in the area.

The weather in Laguna Niguel is similar to that of Souther California. It’s pleasant all year-round and, on average, August it’s the month with the highest average temperature while December has the lowest temperature of the year. The coolest temperature was 21F, recorded in 1949 while the highest temperature in this area was recorded in 1963, a whooping 108F. Precipitation wise, Laguna Niguel it’s quite a dry area because only five months a year it receives rainfall greater than a inch. On average, the month with the most amount of rainfall is February, with a monthly average of 2.96 inches.

The corporation called Laguna Niguel started by Cabot and Forbes in the year of 1959, in Boston, made Laguna Niguel a novelty in those days, being the very first master planned community in California. The plan was designed by a Vienna architect, and was made for a 7100 acres community. The development of the city plan continued through the years, so, in 1969 the small community held around 6500 residents.

The first communities in Laguna Niguel were hugging the coast, right near the southern border of Laguna Beach. Also, the fast development of freeways in US allowed the Laguna Niguel to grow significantly. The first two communities in Laguna Niguel were called Monarch Bay Terrace and the Bay, both built across 2 years, from 1960 to 1962.

During 1973, the regional park opened and on the first of December, 1989, Laguna Niguel became the 29th city of Orange County. Also, in the year of 2012, McKayla Maroney, from Laguna Niguel, managed to get a gold medal in team finals and a silver medal in vault finals at the London Olympic Games, in 2012. She is quite a star on the internet being best know for her “not impressed” face, mainly because she was the favorite athlete to get the gold at the vaults final.

The population density, according to the 2010 census, was 4231.1 people per square mile (or 1633.6 people per square kilometer). The total population of the area is 62979, a 1.9% increase from the previous census and the racial makeup of the area was, at the 2010 census, 50625 (80.4%) white people, 777 (0.3%) African American, 5459 (8.7%) Asian, 87 (0.1%) Pacific Islander and the rest of 5812 (9.2%) from other races. The 2010 Census shown that 62731 people (or 99.6% of the entire population) lived in households while 248 (or 0.4% of the population) lived in non-institutionalized group quarters.

The Laguna Niguel city it’s included in an unified school district, and has access to a total of seven elementary schools (Moulton Elementary School, Crown Valley Elementary School, Hidden Hills Elementary School, Marian Bergeson Elementary School, Laguna Niguel Elementary School and the Malcolm Elementary School), two middle schools (Niguel Hills Middle School and the Aliso Viejo Middle School), two high schools (Also Niguel High School and the Dana Hills High School) and a total of seven colleges.

Some of these colleges are :
* Saddleback College
* Chapman University
* Southern California Institute of Technology

None of these are actually in Laguna Niguel, but in the neighboring cities, such as Irvine, Anaheim or Aliso Viejo.

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