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What You Need to Know About Lake Forest, Orange County, CA

Have the best real estate agent Lake Forest has to offer supply you with all the information you need about the city and its data. Here are some of the main stats and figures about the city. Lake Forest is located in Orange County, California. As of the 2010 US census, it served as home to 77,264 residents.

The City

Lake Forest was founded and established as a city on the 20th of December 1991. Before it was recognized as a city during the election in that year, the town was called El Toro, it’s name since the 1880s. Since becoming a city, its limits have come to include Foothill Ranch as well as Portola Hills. Both communities are master planned development projects that were responsible for adding commercial centers and new homes to the city’s Eastern boundary in the 1990s.

Lake Forest is recognized as a safe city, one of the top rankings, along with the cities of Irvine and Mission Viejo. This is based on the ranking done by Morgan Quitno, a private research firm. According to its study, Lake Forest ranked 15th among the safest countries in the US. In 2007, another firm established Lake Forest as the 10th safest place in the country.

The city was named based on its two lakes. Both are man-made lakes, but this did not stop real estate developers from peppering the shores of these lakes with their custom homes and condominiums.

For residents and tourists who want to have fun, Lake Forest has gyms, tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, barbecue pits, saunas, multiple swimming pools, club houses, and hot tubs. These also make great venues for various social events.

There are only two country parks in Lake Forest. The Whiting Ranch is found in the city’s eastern part and was noted for being the place where the mountain lion mauling occurred in 2004 as it gained media attention in the West Coast.

The other country park, called the Heritage Hill Historical Park, is where you can find some heritage buildings such as the old El Toro School House, the Serrano Adobe, and St. Georges Episcopal Church.

The only high school in the city is the El Toro High School, which was founded in 1973. It is considered as one of the top educational institutions in Southern California. It has a bull mascot and a team called the Chargers. Its colors are blue and gold.

There are two libraries in Lake Forest, both operated by the Orange County Public Library.

The largest skatepark in Lake Forest is the etnies Skatepark with its more than 40,000 square feet area. It is also available to the public.

Aside from its lakes, the city was also named after a forest, which is found in between Jeronimo, Ridge Route, Serrano, and Lake Forest roads. Most of its trees are Eucalyptus trees. The forest was started in the first part of the 1900s when Dwight Whiting, a local, decided to plant 400 acres of Eucalyptus groves near Serrano Creek for lumber harvesting purposes. It was only in the 1960s when a residential community built by the Occidental Petroleum Company occupied the lots close to what would become a Eucalyptus forest. By then, the groves that Whiting planted have matured and grown dense.

The El Toro Road

Between the late 19th and 20th century, the El Toro Road served as the heart of the Saddleback Valley. The road that is found at the Interstate 5 Freeway, however, was dethroned of this position after it showed signs of deterioration. It was also abandoned by shops, which either stopped operating or relocated their business to other cities.

In a bid to revive the city, the government spent years planning and collaborating with the owners of old strip malls. As a result of the collaboration, the “Arbor at Lake Forest” commercial district was born. It consists of large shopping centers, which are comparable to the shopping centers found in neighboring cities.

Lake Forest in Numbers

As of the 2010 United States Census, Lake Forest has 77,264 residents. During this time, it has 4,315.9 people per square mile. The city had 70.3% (54,341) White, of which 57.2% are Non-Hispanic White. It also had 1.7% (1,295) African Americans, 13.1% (10,115) Asians, 0.5% (384) Native Americans, 0.2% (191) Pacific Islanders, 9.4% (7,267) residents from other races, and 4.8% (3,671) residents descended from two or more races. There were 24.6% (19,024) residents of Latino or Hispanic race.

According to the census, there were 76,749, accounting for 99.3% of its population, who are members of households, 229 people, or 0.4%, living in non-institutionalized group quarters, and 216 people, or 0.3% of the population, living in institutionalized quarters.

Since the city had 27,088 housing units in 2010, this brought the average density of the houses to 1,513.1 per square mile. Of these houses, 18,579 (70.8%) were occupied by the house owners, while 7,645 (29.2%) were rented. The vacancy rate in the city was 1.3%, while the rental vacancy rate was higher at 4.3%. There were 54,082 people, or 70% of the population, who resided in owner-occupied housing units, while 22,667 or 29.3%, who treated rental housing units as their home.

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