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Agent Name Julie Hang Nguyen

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Have the best real estate agent Midway City has to offer supply you with all the information you need about the city and its data. Here are some stats and history about the city.

Midway City is known for its mysterious appeal as most of the homes in this area were built during the 1950s. This made the city one of the oldest communities in Orange County, California. The beauty of the city is due to the fact that it did not lieu away from the traditional American lifestyle. Midway City was described by the historian Tim Castroreale as “desirable” because of its large lots — typically over 8,000 square feet with many larger lots as well. According to him, the trend here is that buyers are scraping the lots and building big homes or adding large additions onto the original home.

Midway City is a census-designated place where it is the only community that combines the homeowners association and the chamber of commerce into one act. As of 2010 census, its total population is 8,485. This cozy city remains to be preserved with good ambiance and culture.

What Midway City Boasts of

Never underestimate the old landmarks of this city. It offers a lot more than anyone thinks. The small population of Midway paved the way for the residents to build an amicable community where neighbors maintain a friendly atmosphere. The population density as of 2010 United States census is 13,422 people per square mile. Like any other communities, Midway also has a fair share of racial diversity. There is 34% White Americans and 20.9% Non-Hispanic Whites living in the city. Other races include 47.1% Asians, 0.8% Native Americans, 0.8% African Americans and 0.5% Pacific Islanders. There are also 13.7% coming from other races and 3.1% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 29.1%.

There are 8,382 residents who are found living in households while 1.2% are living in non-institutionalized groups. There were no residents found living in institutionalized groups.


Midway may be unincorporated but it does boasts landmarks that continually attract the interests of visitors. One of which is the Albert E. Schwab Legion Post where a lifeguard tower is installed in the parking lot. This unusual sight remains to be a wonder to many. Also, the interior of the Legion Post’s club made efforts to build murals in commemoration of the historic events happened in World War II. These include the Pearl Harbor Attack, Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Drop as well as the Battle of Midway. The Stanton Park also made a mural to create lasting remembrance of the United States’ history. In the park is a large memorial dedicated to the Vietnamese American troupes, which amounts to $350,000 in construction.

This city is not all about murals and history; it also celebrates the St. Patrick’s Day. The tourists and residents visit this city in order to enjoy the different activities that are being held annually since 1948. This made the city more than what it is perceived to be an old school.


There are different educational facilities available in Midway City. The Westminster School District operates public schools including the Jessie Hayden Elementary School and the DeMille Elementary School. The Ocean View School District also operates public schools such as the Star View Elementary School. All these educational facilities are maintained well by making sure that all students get a high quality of education. In fact, the city spends $5,097 per student, with an average school expenditure of $5,691. As of 2012 Midway City census, the ratio of teachers to students is 1:23.

Real Estate Finds

The real estate status of Midway City is developing over time. There is a total of 2,574 housing units as of the 2010 census. The houses have an average density of 4,071.7 per square mile. With that, 1,001 people are owner-occupied and 1,427 are rented. The vacancy rate is estimated to be at 0.6% while the rental vacancy is high with 7.2%. This goes to show that there are better ways to find a home for rent in this city.

The prices of homes in Midway City range from $250,000.00 to more than $1,000,000.00. With increasing demands of real estate properties, the median home cost is estimated at $344,500, with a home appreciation of 1.14% according to the 2012 Midway City census. As compared to other cities, the cost of living is found to be at 37.7% higher than others.

Midway City may have a small population but it should never be underestimated. The economy, real estate opportunities, landmarks as well as the rich history define what this city is all about. Midway provides a taste of American culture formed by strong economic progress.

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