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Agent Name Craig Druckrey

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The Unincorporated Community of Modjeska Canyon, California

Have the best real estate agent Modjeska Canyon has to offer supply you with all the information you need about the area and its data. Here are some of the main stats and history about the area. Located about 10 miles east of Irvine is the unincorporated community of Modjeska Canyon. This quiet suburban community of about 220 homes is nestled along the Santa Ana Mountains in Orange County in California. It is almost completely surrounded by the ‘Cleveland National Forest’. Other reserves close to Modjeska Canyon are Limestone Canyon Regional Park as well as ‘Whiting Ranch Wilderness’ Park. The main approach to the community is the E. Santiago Canyon Road which leads to the ‘Modjeska Canyon Road’. Modjeska Canyon is about three miles southeast of Irvine Lake.
The community uses the 92676 ZIP Code with an inside area code of 714.

Close to Nature

The small community has held close ties with its members. Among the community features are the ‘Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary’, the volunteer fire station as well as a small park. Close by it is the Luge Mountain Biking Trails which is accessible via the community center by the Modjeska Grade Road. The Modjeska Grade Road leads back to the southeast portion of E. Santiago Canyon Rd. To the north of the community is the Modjeska Reservoir. The nearest community to Modjeska Canyon is the Lake Forest, which borders on the E. Santiago Canyon Road.

The ‘Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary’ is a non profit nature reserve and is located near the foot of ‘Modjeska Peak’. It is operated and owned by ‘California State University’, Fullerton College of Natural Sciences’ and Mathematics.

Cleveland National Forest is located in the east of Modjeska Canyon and has an area of 720 square miles. It is composed mostly of chaparral and riperian areas. Like most of southern California, the climate is warm and dry mediterranean. In terms of geography, on the other hand, it is the southernmost national forest. It is administered by the United States Forest Service. One of the largest forest fires in California history was the 2003 Cedar Fire which burned more than 280,000 acres of land.

The earliest existing mention of the place was in the memoirs of Mary Teegarden Clark of Orange County. In “Pioneer Ranch Life in Orange,” she described a community picnic in the late 1800s. The community is named after the Polish actress Helena Modjeska who lived near the canyon in the 1800s. The house where she resided from 1888 to 1906, called “Arden” has been included in the National Historic Landmark listing. The house is open for tourists and visitors about once or twice a month. For those who wish to visit the place, reservations can be made in advance.

Recent History

The Modjeska Canyon community hosts several events every year. They hold community events such as dance lessons and movie nights as well as pot lucks, Fourth of July parades, Christmas and Halloween parties at the Modjeska Community Center or the Fire Station. Non-residents are welcome to other community hosted events including an arts and crafts fair which is usually held in spring at the ‘Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary’.

The California wild forest fires of October 2007 adversely affected the community, with 14 homes destroyed and another 8 damaged. There was a mandatory evacuation before Pres. George W. Bush declared a state of emergency in the area.

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