Agent Name Karla Rivas

Agent Name Karla Rivas

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Our real estate agent in Olive California our agent is an expert in the local market. Work with the top Realtor in Olive that has a proven track record.

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The Little Known Community of Olive in Orange County

Have the best real estate agent Olive has to offer supply you with all the information you need about the city and its data. Here are some of the main stats and figures about the city. The community of Olive is a 25-acre parcel of unincorporated land that is situated at Lincoln avenue and in the middle of Orange Olive Road and Eisenhower Park. It is in the vicinity of Orange in Orange County in the US. It is also about 2 miles or 3 km to the western side of Anaheim Hills.
This rustic community appears to be untouched by time as it is set upon a berm which is elevated about 50 feet higher than the rest of the land. Olive was set up in the year 1887 by a wealthy businessman involved in the Olive industry. It originally had 63 lots, but has now been subdivided to measure about a fourth of an acre. Olive is a quiet and simple community with less than 200 residents. However, as small as it may be, Olive is recognized as a reputable community.

Industrialization is about to arrive at Olive as there is news of a big condominium project in the area. Residents. however, are concerned that it could permanently mark the Olive Skyline. To date, Olive looks like a slice of life in 1930 America. It is small, unimposing and very private. In fact, you will only know it is there because of a sign that says “Olive Heights” at the corner of Lincoln and Palm Avenues.

Early History of Olive

Long before the community was founded, there were already settlers, the ‘Tongva’ and Luiseño/Juaneño nations. A Spanish expedition in 1776 led to the founding of the ‘Vallejo de Santa Ana’ or the ‘Valley of Saint Anne’. The area became the first permanent settlement of Europeans in ‘Alta’ California, New Spain. The land where Olive Heights was founded came from a land grant to a ranchero named Jose Antonio Yorba. Besides Olive, his legacy includes Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and several ranchos.

There was also a period of turmoil in the history of Olive and the surrounding communities. After the war between America and Mexico, Mexico had given up Alta California to the United States of America. They signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848, and there were plenty of Mexican landowners who lost the titles of their land. Nearly 30 years later, American settlers have already taken over the area and wanted to change the names to more American sounding ones.

Olive, Lemon, Walnut and Orange were some of the proposed replacements. Of course, as history goes, the city was named Orange, California and the rest of the names became street names of the new town. Orange Road roughly bisects the new Olive community.

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If you’re interested to buy or rent a home in Olive, California, speak to  the a licensed real estate agent Olive expert who can help you make the right choice. Have a top Realtor in Olive assess your finances and take note of all your requirements. Our Olive real estate agents know the local market like the back of their hand. We also work hand in hand with mortgage lenders in Olive to make sure that you can close the deal and move in to your new home as soon as possible.

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