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Agent Name Chris Diaz

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Real Estate Agent Placentia

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City Description of Placentia In Orange County

Have the best real estate agent Placentia has to offer supply you with all the information you need about the city and its data. Here are some of the main stats and figures about the city. Placentia is another wonderful city in the northern part of Orange County, in the state of California that had a population of 50,533 in the 2010 census making an increase from 46,488 in 2000 census. This city hosts Atwood community that is included in Placentia at the same time is located in the southernmost quadrant and was primarily called a bedroom community It is famous of its quiet neighborhoods at the same time have a strong public safety. The city derived it name from a Latin word called “pleasant”.
In the year 2010 US Census, the city reported a population of about 50,533. By then, its population density was estimated as 7,677.0 people in every square mile or 2,964.1 people per km². Its racial makeup was also 31,373 (62.1 percent) for White, (44.7 percent for Non-Hispanic White, 914 (1.8 percent) were African American, another 386 (0.8 percent) for Native American, another 7,531 (14.9 percent) Asian, another 74 (0.1 percent) Pacific Islander, with another 8,247 (16.3 percent) from other races, not forgetting 2,008 (4.0 percent) from 2 or more races. The Latino or Hispanic of the race was about 18,416 persons making 36.4% percent of the total population. This Census report also indicated that out of 50,196 people (99.3 percent of the population) were living in households, while 253 (0.5 percent) were living in the non-institutionalized group quarters, with 84 (0.2 percent) being institutionalized.

This city also had16, 365 households of which about 6,310 (38.6 percent) had kids under an age of 18, another 9,399 (57.4 percent) were of the opposite-sex and married couples who lives together, another 2,070 (12.6 percent) had female householder without husband, 897 (5.5 percent) had male householder without wife. It also had 747 (4.6 percent) unmarried to the opposite-sex or partnerships, while 91 (0.6 percent) with partnerships or same-sex married couples. About 2,880 households (17.6 percent) were also composed of other people and 1,274 (7.8 percent) were people living alone and were 65 years old and above. The city has an average household size of 3.07 with about12, 366 families (75.6 percent of all the households) having an average family size of 3.44.

The city’s population was also spread out within 12,445 people (24.6 percent) under an age of 18, with another 5,202 people (10.3 percent) aged between 18 and 24, 13,945 people (27.6 percent) aged between 25 and 44, 12,598 people (24.9 percent) aged between 45 and 64, and another 6,343 people (12.6 percent) being 65 and above years old. This city had a median age of 36.0 years and in every 100 females it had 97.0 males at the same having 100 females of age 18 and over, in every 93.7 males.

The city had 16,872 housing units that had an average density of about 2,563.2 in every square mile or 989.7 persons per km² that this led to 10,681 people (65.3 percent ) being owner-occupied, and another 5,684 (34.7 percent) occupied by renters. It had a homeowner vacancy rate of 0.8 percent and rental vacancy rate of 4.7 percent. The city has 31,761 people (62.9 percent of the population) living in the owner-occupied housing units while another 18,435 people (36.5 living) lived in the rental housing units. You should remember that you can always find picture charts of the demographic breakdown as well as downloadable spreadsheet in the cite for more details on the statistics.

On Arts and Culture

The city has a Ranch Historic District that offers outdoor displays, as well as a citrus grove. This is always the home of national geographical heritage that the city hosts making it one of the best options within the city. It also has a Placentia-Santa District located in southwest or the downtown area with some amazing Mexican restaurants in the Orange County. This has made people to often come and enjoy some of the best meals in the town.
The city also has a S. Bradford House that a historic house museum that often hosts people who come to the city.

Public schools

Placentia is another part of Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District. The three common high schools in this city are El Dorado School, Valencia School, and El Camino Real School. In addition to the common schools in Placentia, it also supports 3 public middle schools namely Valadez Middle School, Kraemer Middle School, and the Tuffree Middle School. This city also hosts several public elementary schools such as Brookhaven Elementary, Golden Elementary, George Key Elementary, Morse Elementary, , Ruby Drive Elementary, Melrose Elementary, Sierra Vista Elementary, Van Buren Elementary, Wagner Elementary and Tynes Elementary. The city also have Parkview Schools that provide that independent study for the K-12 school especially for students like “homeschoolers, junior athletes, student actors, chronically ill, or any other situations. This is always to give students a wide range of options in the process of learning.

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