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Agent Name Karla Rivas

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City Description of Santa Ana Orange County California

Have the best real estate agent Santa Ana has to offer supply you with all the information you need about the city and its data. Here are some of the main stats and figures about the city. This city is the second most populous in the Orange County, in the state California and has a population of about 329,427 according to the year 2011 census. It is also the 57th populous city in US.

This city was founded in the year1869, and it is situated in the Southern California at the same time adjacent to Santa Ana River, that is 10 miles or 16 km away from California coast. This city is also part of vast Los Angeles Area that according to US Census Bureau, may be the 2nd biggest metropolitan area across the entire U.S., with about 18 million people. With 2000 US Census reports, Santa Ana had over 300,000 people making them the 4th densely populated right behind New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, and Boston.

Santa Ana offers its name from Santa Ana Freeway that runs through this city. It shares the name with nearby Mountains of Santa Ana and Santa Ana winds that have historically fueled the seasonal wildfires in the entire Southern California. Its current Office of the Management & Budget (OMB) metropolitan did designate this Orange County Area as Santa Ana

According to 2010 US Census reports, Santa Ana had an estimated population of about 324,528. Its population density was estimated as 11,793.3 people in every square mile or 4,553.4/km². Its racial makeup were 148,838 (45.9 percent) were White, 4,856 (1.5 percent ) were African American, 3,260 (1.0 percent) were Native American, 34,138 (10.5 percent) were Asian, 976 (0.3 percent) were Pacific Islander, 120,789 (37.2 percent) were from other races, as well as 11,671 (3.6 percent) were from 2 or more races. The Latino or Hispanic of any other race were about 253,928 persons (78.2 percent) while Non-Hispanic Whites population were 9.2 percent of the city population in the year 2010. The Census also reported that about 319,870 people (98.6 percent of the population) did live in their households, another 1,415 (0.4 percent) lived in the non-institutionalized group quarters, while 3,243 (1.0 percent) were institutionalized.

There were about 73,174 households and 41,181 (56.3 percent) had children who were under 18 years, about 41,389 (56.6 percent) were couples living together as opposite-sex married, 11,808 (16.1 percent) had female householder without their husband present, another 6,451 (8.8 percent) had male householder without wife present. The city also had 4,933 (6.7 percent) unmarried opposite sex partnerships, and another 556 (0.8 percent) partnerships or same-sex married couples. Another 9,254 households (12.6 percent) were also made up of people living themselves and another 3,378 (4.6 percent) had people living alone and were over 65 years or older. The city had a family average household size of 4.37 and 59,648 families (81.5 percent of all the households) with an average family size of 4.54.

Santa Ana has many parks, which provide improved life for its residents. Knotts Berry Farm and Disneyland parks are also located in the Santa Ana northeast , a few kilometers away from the beach and it is around 20 minute drive to the south. Newport Beach and Huntington Beach often offer excellent shopping, dining, swimming, boating, and surfing opportunities.

Its population is also spread out with about 99,678 people (30.7percent) under age of 18, another 39,165 people (12.1 percent) aged between 18-24, 102,399 people (31.6 percent) aged 25-44, 61,375 people (18.9 percent) aged 45-64, and finally 21,911 people (6.8 percent) aged 65 years or older. Its median age was found to be 29.1 years and there were about 104.4 males in every 100 females. In about 100 females aged 18 years and about it had 104.6 males.

There were about 76,896 housing units with an average population density of about 2,794.4 in every square mile or 1,078.9/km², another 34,756 (47.5 percent) were owner-occupied, while 38,418 (52.5 percent) were also occupied by the renters. This city had a homeowner vacancy rate of 1.9 percent with rental vacancy rate of 4.9 percent. It also had a total of 154,045 people (47.5 percent of the population) who lived in the owner-occupied housing units with another 165,825 people (51.1 percent) lived in the rental housing units. The Unified School District of Santa Ana had 37 K another 5 elementary schools, nine 6!!! 8 intermediate schools, 8 912 high schools, 5 special schools, and 1 charter school. The common elementary schools are John Adams Elementary, Diamond Elementary and Manuel Esqueda Elementary . Its school district often provides accountability report card online.

Santa Ana often experiences hot-summer Mediterranean climate, with very warm, wet winters and dry summers & mild. The summer months often starts from June to September with average daytime temperature of 83 F (28.3 C) high and nighttime low temperature of 63 F (17.2 C). Its winter months often starts from December to March with average daytime temperatures high of about 70 F (21.1 C)and nighttime low temperatures of about 48 F (8.9 C). Most rainfall often averages on 13.6 in every 345 mm annually, with most falls starts from November right to April. The city has 36 days on average with measurable precipitation per year.

The Santa Ana high temperature recorded was 112 F or 44C on June 14, year 1917 while its recorded low temperature was 22 F or ”6 C on the December 31, year 1918, and on January 1, year 1919. In these years, it had an average of about 25.6 days that had highs of about 90 F or 32 C with an average of about 0.2 days that had lows of about 32 F and lower.

Wettest year in this Santa Ana history was on the year 1941 that had 32.36 inches or 822 mm and driest year was on1961 that had only 3.55 inches or 9.0 cm. Most rainfall in a given month was about 13.99 inches or 35cm in February year 1998 while most rainfall per 24 hours was about 4.69 inches or 119 mm on February 16, the year 1927.

The School District of Santa Ana Unified have many public high schools including Valley High School, Middle College school , the Santa Ana school , Saddle-back High School, the recently Segerstrom Fundamental school, the Century High School and, many other common public schools along with Arts Orange County School in this city’s midtown district. It also has a Roman Catholic Diocese also operates a Mater High School. This Diocese operates 8 schools namely Our Lady School , Saint Barbara, Saint Anne, as well as Saint Joseph school.

The city is a home to this Santa Ana College that a two-year public community college, and famous California Coast University, together with this California Art Institute of Orange the County branch. This Taft Law School often correspondence to the law school in Santa Ana sincethey have another Detective Training Institute within the same locality. Most of these institutions often have reputable Career Networks Institute that acts as a post-secondary learning center for the allied health that are based on the city making them one of the best places where you can go and take your studies.

Our real estate agent Santa Ana CA webpage is designed to provide information about the city. If you are looking to buy or sell a home, have the top Realtor in Santa Ana assist you. Our real estate agents are experts in the local market, and know Santa Ana inside and out. Real estate agents are not all the same; work with an agent with a proven track record. Our real estate agents combine their knowledge with mortgage lenders in Orange County to further assist in the home buying process. To find out more about our Santa Ana real estate agent, please contact the agent listed above.

Zip Codes in Santa Ana

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City of Santa Ana

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