Agent Name Craig Druckrey

Agent Name Craig Druckrey

Real Estate Agent Silverado Canyon California

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The Silver Lining of Silverado Canyon

Have the best real estate agent Silverado Canyon has to offer supply you with all the information you need about the city and its data. If El Dorado is the famed City of Gold, Silverado is not lagging far behind. This gorge in the Santa Ana Mountains in California, known as Silverado Canyon is some 2,500 feet deep. The place is also known for the creek in the area known as Silverado Creek. This area is an unincorporated community which lies on the northern slope of Modjeska Peak. The creek goes all the way past the town of Silverado and meets at Santiago Creek at around 942 feet after traveling for about 5 miles. These bodies of water form part of the Santa Ana River watershed. Not only is this a popular tourist spot because of its natural beauty, it is also a popular hiking trail for outdoor enthusiasts.

Early History of Silverado Canyon

Silverado Canyon is no ordinary community; its rich heritage and importance have earned it the title of California Historical Landmark. This community can be found in the Santa Ana Mountains. It lies in the east of Orange County, California. Some parts of the town are part of Rancho Lomas de Santiago, a large Mexican land grant in the late 1800s. Silverado is also close to the edge of the Cleveland National Forest and was a rich silver mine during the 19th century.

In fact, if one looks closely, you will still see remnants of Silverado Mines such as the Blue Light mine. Besides silver, timber was also harvested abundantly in Silverado Canyon. Remember that this was the time when railroads were powered by timber. At that time, coal was also mined in nearby Carbondale. The area is really rich in natural resources as fossils and other ancient sea life have been discovered in the sandstone cliffs in this area.

During the time of the Spaniards, the explorers called Silverado as Timber Canyon, with the Spanish name Cañada de la Madera. Incidentally, there is a town in Spain which has the same name and the structure of the two towns are uncannily the same.

Rebirth of Silverado Canyon

While the silver mining days have ended long ago, the area of Silverado Canyon experienced a rebirth in the 1940s as a tourist spot. The natural hot springs in the area drew in crowds and gave birth to lodges, cabins and weekend hotels. Restaurants and other areas of entertainment also surfaced. Soon a general store, community center and even a Post Office were also built. Today, Silverado Town hosts a country fair and an annual activity called the Easter Breakfast. Silverado’s watering home, Cook’s Corner is the favorite place of bikers.

Silverado Canyon also experienced its fair share of calamities. Storms and fires have also destroyed a portion of the town in the last years but it has managed to rise up and start over. In fact, new homes and developments from nearby communities are making the canyons more lively.

There is Irvine company which is creating two developments near the Santiago Canyon Road. They are developing new homes on both sides of Foothill Toll Road. It is an ambitious project which consists of more than 1,500 homes. The second phase will add more than 2,000 homes to Silverado Canyon.

Our real estate agent Silverado Canyon CA webpage is designed to provide information about the city. If you are looking to buy or sell a home in the area, have the top Realtor in Silverado Canyon assist you. Our real estate agents are experts in the local market, and know Silverado Canyon inside and out. Real estate agents are not all the same; work with an agent with a proven track record. Our real estate agents combine their knowledge with a home loan expert in Orange County  to arrange financing for their clients if needed, to further assist in the home buying process. To find out more about our Silverado Canyon real estate agent, please contact the agent listed above.

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