Get Preapproved For A Home Loan Temecula

Getting pre-approved for a home loan in Temecula can make the whole process of buying a property

When you’re pre-approved for home loan and you know exactly how much home you can afford, real estate agents are much more likely to want you as a client; the people that are selling a property are also more likely to accept your offer. The Realtor you’re working with will be able to show you houses that fits not only would type of property you want but also listings in Temecula that you a financially qualified for.


Getting pre-approved for a home loan should not be difficult. With these easy steps, you can get a pre-approval without even leaving your home.

How to Get Preapproved for a Home Loan In Temecula

Applying for a purchase preapproval for home does not require as much paperwork as what is needed to complete the mortgage process in full, although you will still need to be as accurate as possible if you want to make sure provide the needed documents to complete the home loan once you find the property you wish to purchase.

Start by getting together the information you will need:

Know Your Credit Score

Knowing you credit score can help when speaking with a mortgage originator. Being knowledgeable about your scores and potential issues on your credit can save time and energy, Be sure to make the loan officer aware of any credit issues such as delinquent bills, collection and foreclosures, these issues need to be addressed upfront.

In order to make the process a little easier, you can also order a copy of your credit scores for a small fee (and in some cases free) from one the three credit bureaus—Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. You can do this even before you apply for a pre-approval.  By law, each person is entitled to one free credit report a year from all three of the credit bureaus.

You can also make an educated guess based on your credit scores. For example, if you know you have low debt, and you have active credit lines with history of timely payments, you probably have a good, “fair” credit rating.

Apply Online for a Home Purchase Loan

Once you have all your information together about your credit and income, you can call one the loan officers in the Temecula office, or fill out information on out contact us page and someone will get back to you shortly to discuss the various loan products.

Although many mortgage lenders offer online applications, we believe it is easier to have a licensed loan originator walk you through the process to alleviate any possible frustrations.

If you would like to move faster on getting a new home mortgage by clicking the contact us page and call the number or fill in the information and email our local office. You will be connected with the top loan originator in Temecula California.

Once you are pre-approved for a home loan in Temecula California we will provide you with the list of the top real estate agents in Temecula to help you find your dream home. We only work with the top Temecula Realtors with proven results and that are experts in the local market. Call us today and learn more about us and the services we can provide you. We look forward to being your lender, thanks for visiting our “get preapproved for a home loan Temecula” post.


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