Navigating through the home loan process can be a daunting task, we try to provide as much information as possible so our clients can make the best decision on which mortgage product is best for them. We invite you to read through the home loan products currently available in today’s market and answer any questions you may have. We have licensed loan officers to assist you in the process of qualifying for a purchase or refinance.

What We offer :

  1. 30 Year Fixed
  2. 15 Year Fixed
  3. Adjustable Rate
  4. FHA Loan
  5. VA Loan
  6. Jumbo Loans
  7. Reverse Mortgage
  8. Other Options

When choosing a mortgage lender to work with, a mortgage professional with years of experience can save you a lot of time and better explain the process. Our team has been offering home loans in San Diego, Riverside, Los Angeles, Orange County and other major cities in California. We have physical locations in San Diego, Temecula, and Orange County. We also have mortgage originators that work the whole Los Angeles market offering home loan products that best suit our clients needs.

Don’t become overwhelmed when searching for a mortgage company. If you feel you’re burdened, you need some information. The following article will offer basic tips and suggestions for choosing a reputable mortgage company. Keep reading for more useful information how easy it can be to get  a home loan. Whether you are looking for a FHA home loan, or a VA loan, the experts that work with our team can assist you with the correct mortgage information. Our group has loan originator that specialize in each type of loan, a reverse mortgage specialist only works with reverse mortgages, and our jumbo home loans expert focuses on financing for large loan amounts.

Be prepared before obtaining your mortgage. Every lender will request certain documents when applying for a mortgage. Do not wait until they ask for it. Have the documents ready when you enter their office. You should have your last two pay stubs, bank statements, income-tax returns, and W-2s. Save all of these documents and any others that the lender needs in an electronic format, so that you are able to easily resend them if they get lost.Try to have a down payment of at least 20 percent of the sales price. In addition to lowering your interest rate, you will also avoid pmi or private mortgage insurance premiums. This insurance protects the lender should you default on the loan. Premiums are added to your monthly payment.Changes in your finances can cause a rejection on your mortgage. Do not apply for any mortgage prior to having secure employment.

You may be able to add your homeowners insurance costs to your mortgage payment. One advantage of this is negating the need to make two payments. Instead of paying your mortgage and an insurance bill, you can pay both bills in one payment. If you like to consolidate your bills, this is a good idea. You may want to hire a mortgage consultant to help you with the mortgage process. A licensed loan officer looks after only your best interests and can help you navigate the process. They also can ensure that your terms are fair on both sides of the deal.

Obtain a credit report. It is important to understand your credit rating before you begin any financial undertaking. Order reports from all 3 of the major credit reporting agencies. Compare them and look for any erroneous information that may appear. Once you have a good understanding of your ratings, you will know what to expect from lenders .Save up for the costs of closing. Though you should already be saving for your down payment, you should also save to pay the closing costs. They are the costs associated with the paperwork transactions, and the actual transfer of the home to you. If you do not save, you may find yourself faced with thousands of dollars due. You can feel more empowered when you know the right information. This will help you avoid swimming through a sea of mortgage companies with blinders on. Stay self-assured in your decision to apply for a home mortgage and make sure you know all of the options available to you! To find out more about home loans in San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange County or anywhere in the state of California contact the number listed on the page.